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In The Nursery Of My Bookhouse Volume 1 Part 1

In The Nursery Of My Bookhouse Volume 1 Part 1

In The Nursery Of My Bookhouse Volume 1 Part 1
pdf | 6.31 MB | English | Isbn:B014N5OWVU |Author: Administrator | Page: 99 | Year: 1925


Part 2 of Volume 1 of In the Nursery of My Bookhouse. The second volume of a twelve-volume set. Embossed silver-green leatherette binding. Cover paste-down illustration. Gilt page edges. No Table of Contents. Pages numbered from page 209 to page 448. This is the second volume of an extremely scarce transition edition, in which Olive Beaupre Miller experimented with halving the size of each volume of the original 6-volume set. It was a precursor to the 1937 12-volume set, at which time each of the 12 volumes was given a distinct name. The contents include: The Little Engine That Could; Try Again; A Quick Running Squash; There Was an Old Man; Jack Frost; American Child Rhymes; The Cock, the Mouse, & the Little Red Hen; Baby Seed Song; The Turtle Who Could Not Stop Talking; White Butterflies; Grasshopper Green; Mother Spider; Spiders' Webs; Where Go the Boats?; Paper Boats; The Moo-Cow-Moo; The Wee, Wee Mannie & the Big, Big Coo; The Purple Cow; The Little Girl & the Hare; The Ass in the Lion's Skin; Goldilocks & the Three Bears; Mary Had a Little Lamb; The Twin Lambs; The Swing; Whisky Frisky; The Squirrels That Live in a House; King Dagobert; The Sheep & the Pig That Made a Home; Little Hansworst; Late; Noah's Ark; The Bow That Bridges Heaven; The Hare & the Tortoise; Spring; Little Half-Chick; A Letter from a Cat; Fairy & Child; The Merchant; A Sea-Song from the Shore; Come, Little Leaves; Across the Fields; Old Dutch Nursery Rhymes; Teeny-Tiny; Shingebiss; Ten Little Indians; The Shoemaker & the Elves; A Hallowe'en Story; The Song of Solomon; Oeyvind & Marit; Little Pictures from Far Japan; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; The Duck & the Kangaroo; The Star; Peter Rabbit Decides to Change His Name; The Road to China; The Boy Who Wanted the Impossible; Chinese Nursery Rhymes; A Happy Day in the City; City Smoke; Night & Day; The Babe Moses; A Psalm of Praise; Little Blue Apron; The Doll Under the Briar Rosebush; and The Elf & the Dormouse.

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