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Robert Sheckley The Day the Aliens Came

Robert Sheckley The Day the Aliens Came

Robert Sheckley The Day the Aliens Came
pdf | 72.48 KB | English | Isbn:B06XQ65F6S |Author: Robert Sheckley | Page: 6 | Year: 2010


A fascinating collection of fiction-turned-reality tales. Long before movies like Minority Report and The Matrix, the world's writers have been recording the future as it might existand as it turns out, they were right. This bizarre anthology collects the most stunning predictions and imagined inventions here for the first time. Visions of Tomorrow includes The Land Iron Clads" by H. G. Wells, who described a military tank in 1903long before it was ever a possibility; The Yesterday House" by Fritz Leiber, who writes about cloned humans; Reason" by Isaac Asimov, who predicted solar power could be harnessed by satellites; and many more.

In this stunning anthology of never-before-collected stories, our world's greatest science fiction writers demonstrate that the truth can be just as strange as fiction.

Category:Science Fiction Short Stories, Science Fiction Anthologies, Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories

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