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pdf | 1.56 MB | English | Isbn:978-1425986209 |Author: Eugene Bruce | Page: 261 | Year: 2007


Johnny Thade just found a disc that has the exact time and date of every human being's Deathday on it and he's going to use the information for what every one of us would use it for...He's going to make millions on the internet and spend the rest of his life on a desert island with all the drink, drugs and woman he can handle... Unfortunately for Johnny the people the disc belongs to want it back and are prepared to use any means necessary to get it including: Histories first Siamese twin mass murderers, a gang of Cowboy-Nazi Biker Zombies and a troupe of professional Alligator wrestlers from Alabama. Johnny needs help, desperately, but the best he can do is make friends with a bunch of tramps whose leader Derek, although kind and fatherly like, isn't interested in making money, he's hell bent on using the information to destroy the world!

Category:Occult Fiction, Humor & Satire Fiction

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