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Barker Ra Et Al Neuroscience At A Glance 1999

Barker Ra Et Al Neuroscience At A Glance 1999

Barker Ra Et Al Neuroscience At A Glance 1999
pdf | 35.81 MB | English | Isbn:B006LD24B8 |Author: Lou Baldin | Page: 128 | Year: 2011


Extraterrestrial beings are a difficult concept for many people to believe in. I discovered just how difficult a subject it was when I became involved in a conspiracy internet site called "Above Top Secret" (ATS).
I was amazed how few people believed in the UFO phenomenon, considering that our sun and solar system is only one of billions of suns and solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy, our galactic neighborhood. Nevertheless, many people do believe we are alone, unique in all the billions of star systems, not to mention the endless billions of galaxies all harboring billions of stars and planets inside this gargantuan universe. Some people believe there are intelligent life forms out there in this vast universe, but because of the distances between stars, "none could possibly make the journey to Earth", the skeptics' mantra. However wrong that belief is, that is a fair assumption when considering present day physics. Understandably, I got into difficulty with the skeptics, when I mentioned I had physical contact with such beings while in the military, and continued to have contact after my military service.
I have put into book form my discussions, questions, and answers, from my threads on the ATS conspiracy site, into this book, and other books. I edited the questions and answers for clarity and punctuation, and removed most of the offensive posts that were generated by a few people who attempted to stop the spreading of this material. Those interested in reading the unabridged version can go to the ATS site: "I'm coming clean on Extraterrestrials"
The segment in this book begins on January 12, 2007 and ends on March 18, 2007.

Category:Angels, Occult UFOs, UFOs

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