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Pogue's Basics--Money - David Pogue

Pogue's Basics--Money - David Pogue

Pogue's Basics--Money - David Pogue
epub | 15.17 MB | English | Isbn:1250081416 |Author: David Pogue | Page: 298 | Year: 2016


Want to know where you can buy $100 iTunes gift cards for $85?
Did you know you can pay your taxes by using a cash-back credit card?
Why are you still paying $235 a year to rent your cable box?
You're leaving money on the table every day, with every transaction you make: changing your oil, withdrawing ATM cash, booking flights, buying insurance, shopping for clothes, squirting toothpaste. But in Pogue's Basics: Money, the third book of this New York Times bestselling series, David Pogue proves that information is money. Each of his 150 simple tips and tricks includes a ballpark estimate of the money you could make or save. Okay, you won't use every tip in the book-but if you did, you'd come ahead by $61,195 a year.

Category:Credit Ratings & Repair, Budgeting, Consumer Guides

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