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Just like Heaven Heaven or Hel - Trilina Pucci

Just like Heaven  Heaven or Hel - Trilina Pucci

Just like Heaven Heaven or Hel - Trilina Pucci
epub | 820.74 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B095XPR32P | Author: Trilina Pucci | Year: 2021


He's a criminal-an abomination. We're wrong in every way.
If only I could've convinced my heart.

His lips whispered promises of all the stars in the sky.
I dreamt of a love that would last forever.

We were gorgeously young and desperate for one another.
But we're star-crossed.
Fate had decided our course.
Leaving us to cling to each other as we crumbled to ash.

His need became possession.
My innocence turned jaded.
Our families declared war.
All that remained was hate.

But Calder was raised by wolves. The rules didn't apply.
I was his until he said otherwise-for better or for worse.

Our love story is bathed in crimson and drenched in bullets.
Because sometimes, Romeo comes with tattoos, guns, and a taste for blood.

bestselling author, Trilina Pucci, brings you a dark Romeo and Juliet re-imagining with a Hero from the wrong side of the tracks who will burn everything to the ground for the girl.

This novel is the first in a duet.

Category:Contemporary Urban Fiction, Women's Sagas, Multicultural Romances

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