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Meet Me in Greece A Friends to - D Pichardo-Johansson

Meet Me in Greece  A Friends to - D Pichardo-Johansson

Meet Me in Greece A Friends to - D Pichardo-Johansson
epub | 318.18 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09D91BWQH | Author: D Pichardo-Johansson | Year: 2021


Smart, hilariously witty and sexy without being graphic. This standalone romance will make you believe in lasting love again.
Ezra Despite her reputation as a ruthless diva, my friend Mia is a softy with a heart of gold. Contrary to me, the "good guy" everyone loves but who hides the darkest secrets.
I used to have a huge crush on Mia, the only popular girl in my school willing to befriend a nerd like me and help him become cooler. A part of me never forgot she gave me my first kiss-long story. But I'd never let that part take over and endanger our priceless friendship. That could also cost me our other three best friends, Sophia, Chloe and Iris.
But now, Mia needs me to join her at a fashion event in Greece, to shield her from her evil ex-boyfriend: the bastard who's stomped on her heart and derailed her health more than once. I'm willing to do anything to protect my friend.
Even risking her breaking my heart-again.
I'm taking a year off men. My self-esteem needed it, after a string of awful boyfriends who treated me like garbage. The worst of all was fashion mogul Quentin Xenakis. I dread working beside him during Athens Fashion Week, but the future of my career in design depends on it.
Thank God for Ezra, my friend since middle school, who's willing to be my buffer! My Big Nerd Ezra is the best! A successful app developer, he's genius-smart and creative. He's super funny, kind, generous-and owns the sexy-geek look. Yet, as it always happens with me and wholesome guys, I've never felt attracted to him.
Or have I?
Suddenly, suppressed memories from high school are reawakening. And I'm discovering a new, dark side of Ezra that tempts me to forget about my plans for celibacy. Will I be able to keep the promise I made to myself? Or will I give in to this attraction and risk losing Ezra again-this time forever?

Take an unforgettable trip to immortal Athens, stunning Mykonos and breathtaking Santorini while indulging in an engaging love story. This romance will make you laugh, cry, and believe in lasting love again.

Meet Me in Greece is the third stand-alone book in the sexy, funny and poignant Self-Vow Series. If you like complex characters and heartwarming stories with both laugh-out-loud funny and tear-jerking moments, you will love the Self-Vow Series. Start enjoying this riveting novel today. Buy Meet Me in Greece now!

About this series: Follow me to the most beautiful European destinations, to a time before border lockdowns. There, we'll join the adventures of four friends from college, Sophia, Chloe, Mia, and Iris, who reunite after a decade apart and launch a project to reinvent themselves.

Against the backdrop of some of the most gorgeous places on Earth, we'll remember that finding love is about more than physical attraction: it's about choosing a travel companion through life.

Book1: Love me in Paris: A Travel Romance.
Book 2: Kiss me in Italy: A Travel Medical Romance.
Book 3: Meet me in Greece. A Friends-to-Lovers Travel Romance
Book 4: Find me in Spain: A Second Chance Travel Romance. (Coming Soon)

Category:Inspirational Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy

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