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Motorcycle Man - Lena Little

Motorcycle Man - Lena Little

Motorcycle Man - Lena Little
epub | 687.2 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GVDHHTP | Author: Lena Little | Year: 2021


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A journalism degree is most certainly what I'm after in life, but getting access to the kind of stories that will make me a household name on the six o'clock news is going to require the one thing people from California are famous for.
My plan leads me right into the lion's den, which is what I wanted all along.
What I don't expect is my reaction to the Skulls MC President.
Gage Steele.
He says he's going to punish me for being a liar. I should be scared.
I try to remind myself that this man is deadly dangerous and I just came here to learn more about him, but to my surprise, I'm learning more about myself than him.
I'm shocked that the threat of violence, that he's a bomb that could go off at any time, excites me.
But first and foremost there's something about those two words he calls me.little girl.
Like a reminder that I'm small and I need someone to protect me.
Now I have to decide what is more important, my story or these feelings?
He's covered in tattoos. I have none. He's the president of a motorcycle club and I'm a loaner.
But when I'm with him I feel whole. He's my motorcycle man.and a whole lot more. But will he ride off into the sunset alone, or with me on the back of his bike.forever?

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