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Tested (Soulmates Book 2) - Liv Rancourt

Tested (Soulmates Book 2) - Liv Rancourt

Tested (Soulmates Book 2) - Liv Rancourt
epub | 542.98 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09DC1P7LJ | Author: Liv Rancourt | Year: 2021


There's no easy way to come back from the dead.
.and Connor MacPherson is living with the consequences. He may be back in Trajan's life - and in his bed - but the trust they once shared is gone.
Some days it feels like David is the only thing holding their threesome together.
When Trajan and David stumble over a murdered kitsune, Connor is drawn into the investigation. He uses that murder to cover a second inquiry, one he's bound by his oath to the Elites to keep secret - specifically from Trajan.
Then David uncovers his covert search, and if Connor's own internal conflict is painful, seeing how it hurts David makes it even worse.
But they don't know the secret Trajan's keeping, a command that could destroy everything. Trajan's maker has ordered him to kill, and if they don't rebuild their damaged trust, this time death will be permanent.

Category:LGBTQ+ Mystery, LGBTQ+ Action & Adventure, LGBTQ+ Fantasy

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