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Firefighter Dragon An Amnesia - Kayla Wolf

Firefighter Dragon  An Amnesia - Kayla Wolf

Firefighter Dragon An Amnesia - Kayla Wolf
epub | 734.87 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09FKLRNZ4 | Author: Kayla Wolf | Year: 2021


I can't remember who I am.
The only thing I know is that he saved me.
He pulled me out of a burning building.
And now he's the only face I recognize.

I want to believe that things will be whole again.
That I will find out who is hidden beneath my clothes.
But instead I believe that he is the key to everything.
The key to my being, my heart and soul, the reason I'm here.

The fire within him is undeniable.
And slowly but surely he's pulling me with him.
I don't know myself, but I know that I want to lose myself in him.
In the unknown, in the fiery heat inside of him.

To be consumed entirely by his heat and never feel cold again.

You know that feeling of being dragged into a swamp? The complete powerlessness of being pulled into whatever fate has in store for you? Now imagine the swamp being full of blistering hot guys. And not just any guys. No, dragons, in every size, shape, and form, to take you in and make you theirs. Isn't that a swamp you'd gladly be sucked into?

Welcome to the thick, wet heat of the Everglades.

18+ readers only.

Category:Paranormal Ghost Romance, Paranormal Angel Romance, Psychic Romance

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