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Heart of a Lion (Awakening Prid - Lacey Thor

Heart of a Lion (Awakening Prid - Lacey Thor

Heart of a Lion (Awakening Prid - Lacey Thor
epub | 222.89 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09FR6YV2N | Author: Lacey Thor | Year: 2021


The Human Shifter... After years spent as a mad scientist's experiment, Quinn is free with only one plan. Protect the child she's carrying at all costs. Until she begins manifesting strange physiological changes. At least for a human. Growls she could explain, but the claws sprouting from her fingertips are another story. A Super Solider... Mitch took one look at Quinn and knew he'd do whatever it took to protect her. She called to something inside him, a part that had been silent for too long. From the moment he first swept her up into his arms, he vowed he'd do whatever it took to protect her. No matter the cost. Mine. From the first shot fired to the last, blood will spill as will secrets until there's nothing left but the call of something that should never have survived but did. There's something growing stronger inside her. Something born in blood and ready to claim vengeance. Just as soon as they claim their mate. Author's Note: Although each book features a different couple, this series is best enjoyed when read in order.

Category:Werewolf & Shifter Thrillers, Paranormal Suspense, Werewolf & Shifter Romance

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