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Love Reimagined - Alina Lane

Love Reimagined - Alina Lane

Love Reimagined - Alina Lane
epub | 635.18 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09C43DSD3 | Author: Alina Lane | Year: 2021


As a committed bachelor, I never met a challenge I couldn't talk myself into.

Show up at my best friend's author signing in a dress? You bet. Besides, I look good.

An impulsive engagement to the love of my life? Great decision until I found her in bed with a tourist.

Open up my heart again? True love deserves your best-okay, you can stop right there. The closest I've come is last year's one-night stand-Olivia, you're the only exception I'd ever make.

Until my next rock-climbing programs are short one instructor, and guess who fate delivers to my group?

Seems our friends are desperate to play matchmaker-the least I can do is agree to pretend she's already taken. You know, by me.

That is until I feel the first chink in my bachelor armor. It's stupid, but...I'm tempted. Even though opening our hearts means opening our pasts, and I can tell Olivia's got secrets of her own.

I always knew my next dare...

Category:Contemporary Western Fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, Friendship Fiction

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