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Mail Order Maiden A Mail Order - Ginny Sterling

Mail Order Maiden  A Mail Order - Ginny Sterling

Mail Order Maiden A Mail Order - Ginny Sterling
epub | 699.05 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08R96L6CP | Author: Ginny Sterling | Year: 2021


Charlotte Thompson was ambitious and ready to take on the world-only she needed a bit of support and guidance to take the first steps. It was frustrating to feel like everyone looked down on her because of her appearance or diminutive size, but her passion and drive had to count for something-didn't it?

Saul Bisset was a nothing, a nobody, or so he felt. People always looked up to the rich, the powerful, the elite, but he was a lowly farmer raising sheep for their wool and even needed help with that. He had nothing to offer anyone except a warm home, a full belly, and his unwavering friendship. It stunned him to discover that the fair maiden chose to be his bride.

Can Saul support his industrious new wife, giving Charlotte everything she needs to take their fledgling farm to the next level? Will their combined skills not only bring a profit, but develop into a friendship, love, and respect that they both so desperately need?

*** A sweet and clean romance Mail-Order Bride series that can be read together or individually with a Happily Ever After that is legendary.

Category:Historical Christian Romance Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Religious Historical Fiction

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