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Last Kiss A Sweet Small Town - Ashlee Mallory

Last Kiss   A Sweet Small Town - Ashlee Mallory

Last Kiss A Sweet Small Town - Ashlee Mallory
epub | 469.44 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09G75GBQD | Author: Ashlee Mallory | Year: 2021


He's never forgotten their first-and last-kiss. But is it too late for a second chance?

Poppy Cavanaugh's life is a dumpster fire thanks to her two-timing fiancé, whose unexpected death left her not only heartbroken but homeless and unemployed to boot.

Landing the open teaching job at the high school might just be the chance she needs to finally get her life back on track-even if she has to coach the girls' softball team to do it.

Too bad she still has nightmares about the last time she caught a fly ball.with her nose.

MLB pitcher Damon Santos is having a career crisis of his own. With his contract up for renegotiation, the last thing he needed was a shoulder injury benching him for the remainder of the season-if not his entire career. Rest, training, and a new perspective are just what the doctor-and his mother-ordered, and are why he finds himself back in the hometown that had once felt too small for his big dreams.

Only returning to Blue Haven hasn't been the nightmare he expected. Not with Poppy Cavanaugh around, a woman who, despite her propensity for diving into bushes upon seeing him, still has him thinking back to their first-and last-kiss all those years ago.

However, Poppy's been burned one too many times by charmers like Damon Santos and will take whatever evasive moves are necessary to keep her heart safe.

But when the softball season goes from bad to worse, and the girls start talking mutiny, Poppy's desperation has her calling on the only expert who might help her turn things around.

LAST KISS is a closed-door, small-town romance filled with family hijinks, heart-tugging emotions, sizzling chemistry, and humor!

Category:Men, Women & Relationships Humor, Sports Fiction, Women's Humorous Fiction

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