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Resurrected Bride (Blood Empire - Blake York

Resurrected Bride (Blood Empire - Blake York

Resurrected Bride (Blood Empire - Blake York
epub | 251.57 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09519GFMR | Author: Blake York | Year: 2021


I refuse to be a link in the chain of family duty.or a shiny toy to my new mafia husband.

I believed my father lost his life in a motorcycle accident.
I thought my mother died from a slip and fall.
The day I learn that I'm next on the hit list, I'm torn away from my life, kidnapped and tossed into Hell. I'm strong, but not this strong. I cannot become the next bride in the Rossi family of organized crime.
Worse, I can't play whore to Kenzo, the brother I've heard possesses the darkest appetites. I must escape before it's too late to save myself.or my body from giving in to this terrible, mind-spinning desire he instills in me with a single look.
I come from one of the strongest families in Russia. My roots run deep. I'm a Nikolai, and I will get away before the Rossis force me into this marriage.
But Kenzo says he'd like to see me try.

If a woman determined to rise from the ashes and powerful, arrogant men who rule the dark underworld-and are good with a paddle-are your thing, you're in for a rough and dirty ride with RESURRECTED BRIDE. Do you dare to open the door and look upon the darkness? 1-click this book now.

Category:Italian Literature, Gothic Romances, Gothic Fiction

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