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Alexei Love Me Harder - Alien - Serena Simpson

Alexei  Love Me Harder - Alien - Serena Simpson

Alexei Love Me Harder - Alien - Serena Simpson
epub | 230.76 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B01ACST43I | Author: Serena Simpson | Year: 2016


Alexei grew up a Hybrid neither human or Created. He's spent his life proving to his father that he's stable enough to be on his own. His quiet moments are spent thinking of the one person he can't have-Amber. Until one night he's ambushed in an alley. They war he grew up hearing about was finally about to become a reality and he was in the center of it. Amber was living her life-or what she liked to pretend was a life. Where she went out with different males and pretended she never thought of the one male with the power to turn her on. The one she grew up with who very name made her weak in the knees. How could she feel this way towards her cousin even if they weren't really related. No she would never let her feelings show. The ships that covered the planet signaling an alien invasion changed her plans. Suddenly Amber and Alexei must work together for the good of their families and the earth. The only problem is that their hearts keep getting in the way. This book contains adult material and is not recommended for readers under the age of 18

Category:Genetic Engineering Science Fiction eBooks, Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Romance

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