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Don't Give Up A Second Chance - Denean Dawson

Don't Give Up  A Second Chance - Denean Dawson

Don't Give Up A Second Chance - Denean Dawson
epub | 161.22 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GZP8PLK | Author: Denean Dawson | Year: 2021


All he knows is hurt. She's haunted by her past. Can two broken souls become whole?

After going through the ringer, Denise is pretty sure the universe is against her finding love. So, when a handsome man bumps her and causes her to spill wine on her shirt, she refuses to allow him to buy her another drink, replace her outfit, or even do more than apologize-not that she wants him to do even that.

He leaves her with his number, in case she changes her mind.

Gerard can't get the woman from the restaurant out of his mind. So, when she sends him a message, he's cautiously excited. Except his military past won't allow him to have a serious relationship. Even someone as wonderful as Denise can't heal the broken parts of him. He's sure their relationship is over before it has a chance to begin.but sometimes fate won't take no for an answer. 

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