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Show Down - Fenske Tawna

Show Down - Fenske Tawna

Show Down - Fenske Tawna
epub | 537.93 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08XVV8RTQ | Author: Fenske, Tawna | Year: 2021


They called me America's smartest entrepreneur. So how was I dumb enough to let my dream girl get away?

Blame ego, blame my need to prove I could build a business all on my own. Hell, blame my parents-God love 'em-for thinking I'd have problems prospering with a hammer instead of a law degree.

Turns out I'm doing just fine with a chain of luxury resorts bearing my name, but it's a cold comfort when the woman I love hates my guts. Can't say she's wrong, considering how things ended.

I set out to win Lauren back, scoring a spot on her family's reality show social experiment, or whatever it's called when someone buys an old cult compound to build a tiny town. Works for me, since I'm a builder who loves a challenge.

But getting Lauren to forgive me proves way more than challenging. Between a botched baking class, sexy bumper car battles, and a bizarrely hostile fish, it's clear she's in no hurry to pick up where we left off.

Good thing I'm no quitter, especially when it comes to her.

Category:Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Romance

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