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Romanced By The Billionaire A - Hope Paris

Romanced By The Billionaire  A - Hope Paris

Romanced By The Billionaire A - Hope Paris
epub | 311.89 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B098F3YSJ7 | Author: Hope Paris | Year: 2021


Sleeping with the enemy.
I always thought Harry was a good-for-nothing playboy jerk, but I was wrong. There's something much more to him than I ever realized - and that's sexy. But I can't risk letting our relationship grow into anything more. I've got way too many secrets I need to keep hidden from him. ones that could endanger us both.
Gone are the endless parties and scandals with women. But taking care of my niece and nephew isn't as scary as I thought it would be - I could even get used to this. But the real kicker is the woman helping me take care of them. Quinn terrifies me. but despite our constant head-butting, our time between the sheets is incredible. And for me, that's all that matters.

While sworn 'frenemies with benefits' Quinn and Harry fall unwillingly deeper into each others' arms, a passion is brewing that can only end in disaster. Quinn has too many secrets to let Harry get close to her, and she desperately tries to convince herself that she can walk away. But when Harry drops a little fib that throws a wrench in her plans, the pair will soon become tangled in an even messier web - one that they might not ever be able to escape from.
Despite the veneer of light-hearted banter and Quinn's sassy attitude, a struggle is unfolding that will determine the fate of their relationship forever. Can Harry keep his headstrong fake fiancé around? Or will Quinn slip between his fingers and never look back?
Rife with steamy scenes, personal drama, and a heart-pounding forbidden love affair that swings between emotional explosions and crazy lovemaking, fans of alpha billionaire CEOs and enemies-to-lovers romance stories will adore the second book in Quinn and Harry's wild adventure.

Category:World Literature Short Stories, Short Story Anthologies & Collections, American Literature Anthologies

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