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Romantic Rescue A MM Romantic - Blake Allwood

Romantic Rescue  A MM Romantic - Blake Allwood

Romantic Rescue A MM Romantic - Blake Allwood
epub | 287.5 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09D6MGQ15 | Author: Blake Allwood | Year: 2021


Daniel, a Tennessee transplant to the Puget Sound, finds nothing but trouble in the Pacific Northwest. While hiking the trails of Olympic National Park, he stumbles, breaks his arm, and isn't entirely sure he's going make it out of the park alive. Luckily, he's found and rescued by several rangers. Fate clearly loves messing with Daniel, as one of the rangers stirs a level of attraction that he has never experienced before.

Joseph spends most of his days documenting the animals in Olympic National Park. When he's called to help rescue a hiker from one of the parks most dangerous trails, he immediately realizes there's something special about this man, something that resonates deep within him.

In this hurt/comfort romance, Daniel and Joseph trailblaze their newfound relationship just to find this path is even more treacherous than the one Daniel almost died on. Will their love for one another be enough to keep them safe, or will their relationship and their lives end in tragedy

Category:Gay Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance, Contemporary Romance

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