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The Easy Way Out- C W Farnsworth

The Easy Way Out- C W  Farnsworth

The Easy Way Out- C W Farnsworth
epub | 305.72 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09BB3VQ6W | Author: C.W. Farnsworth | Year: 2021


Loss is nothing new to Lennon Matthews.

With each hit her heart has taken, she's guarded it more closely. Except Caleb Winters smashed through her defenses in high school. Three years after she never thought she'd see him again, their relationship is stronger than ever.

But aside from letting a boy in, little in Lennon's life has changed. Taking classes at a local community college while managing the horse farm that's been in her family for generations has been hard, but she's made it work. Options for her future still look limited. Caleb's are as endless as ever.

They've made long distance work until now, but how much longer will Caleb wait for a girl tied to a town he isn't? How can Lennon justify choosing a boy over the only family she has left?

Landry is home. So is Caleb.

When your heart is torn between a place and a person, there's no easy way out.

Category:Teen & Young Adult Equestrian Fiction eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance eBooks

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