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A Killer Welcome by Dionne Lister

A Killer Welcome by Dionne Lister

A Killer Welcome by Dionne Lister
epub | 639.3 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B091LF1PSM | Author: Dionne Lister | Year: 2021


From the USA Today bestselling author of the Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery Series.
Avery Winters was overjoyed to be brought back to life... unfortunately, the dead were waiting for her.
Aussie journalist Avery Winters was content-she had a caring boyfriend, great job, and supportive... okay, so her parents weren't actually supportive, but she'd accepted she could never be the son they'd wanted seeing as how she was born a girl. Avoiding them seemed to work well, and, she reasoned, no one's life was perfect.
And that was fine, except whilst covering a news story in a storm, Avery's cosy life disappeared in a flash. Lightning struck, stopping her heart and blowing her favourite black boots to smithereens. It was pure luck that an off-duty nurse was walking nearby.
When Avery came to in the ambulance en route to hospital, she'd thought the worst was over. She was wrong.
Her lightning-induced...

Category:Ghost Fiction, Ghost Mysteries, Cozy Animal Mystery

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