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Knight Of The Blood by Kenneth W Barber

Knight Of The Blood by Kenneth W  Barber

Knight Of The Blood by Kenneth W Barber
epub | 1.24 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GTYNRL6 | Author: Kenneth W. Barber | Year: 2021


Not your grandma's werewolves...
Griffin, an expert wise-ass, has never experienced true horror until his father is killed by a foul beast that certainly seems like but is, apparently, not a werewolf-according to the knight who saves him from the same fate, anyway. He's also never met a real knight before. Or had superhuman speed. Or strength. Or met his soul mate. Who knew the capacity for it all was in his blood all along?

Encountering the ancient Order of the Guardians and taking his place as a defender against creatures of darkness awakens Griffin to a host of experiences, both human and supernatural-and often unnerving. Caught between monsters, psychotic enemies, and secretive knights, Griffin and the rest of the Order struggle to hold back evil in a fight where losing means death and winning could mean the end of everything they hold dear.

Knight of the Blood is the first in an exciting Urban Fantasy series full of snark, action, monsters, and heroes.

Category:Fantasy Adventure Fiction, Fantasy Action & Adventure, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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