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Coveted by Karyn Langhorne

Coveted by Karyn Langhorne

Coveted by Karyn Langhorne
epub | 385.5 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09FTFWNHP | Author: Karyn Langhorne | Year: 2021


What is the formula for love?

Architectural engineer Mae Adams lives by her checklists --and she has them for everything from her sustainable housing project to her sex life. What makes the perfect man? Mae's had that checklist since she was 18-- and West Point cadet Radison Kilmer checked every box.

Despite its painful ending, Mae's never forgotten Rad or their brief 2006 tryst. Was he her one chance at happiness? But then another military man, Lt. Boseman McCallum, two-steps into her life. A charming god-and-country soldier on the cusp of being sent to a war zone, Bose burns Mae's list and wastes no time in re-writing it to capture Mae's heart.

There's only one problem: he's Rad's best friend.

The moment Mae is reunited with her first flame, the fire between them is reignited full blast. All of her carefully-laid plans begin to topple as she realizes that, although Bose is the passionate spark that thrills her days, Rad is the steady blue ember that will never die. These two driven and ambitious men have a history of competing and coveting each other's laurels...

And now she is the prize they both seek to claim.

Which man to choose: the one whose charm and good humor are the opposite of her own more serious nature? Or the one whose soul speaks the same language as her own?

This brilliant and unconventional heroine's choice will have consequences that reverberate through nearly two decades as Mae, Bose and Rad come to terms with the meaning of "love," "commitment" and "family."

From the author of His Private Dancer and The Duchess of Rochester, Coveted is the story of jealousy, sacrifice and the triumph of true love.

Category:Multicultural & Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romances, Military Romance

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