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Freedom to Discriminate by Gene Slater

Freedom to Discriminate by Gene Slater

Freedom to Discriminate by Gene Slater
epub | 10.73 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08T1WN5SG | Author: Gene Slater | Year: 2021


A landmark history told with supreme narrative skill, Free to Discriminate uncovers realtors' definitive role in segregating America and shaping modern conservative thought. Gene Slater follows this story from inside the realtor profession, drawing on many industry documents that have remained unexamined until now. His book traces the increasingly aggressive ways realtors justified their practices, how they successfully weaponized the word "freedom" for their cause, and how conservative politicians have drawn directly from realtors' rhetoric for the past several decades. Much of this story takes place in California, and Slater demonstrates why one of the very first all-white neighborhoods was in Berkeley, and why the state was the perfect place for Ronald Reagan's political ascension.
The hinge point in this history is Proposition 14, a largely forgotten but monumentally important 1964 ballot initiative. Created and promoted by California realtors, the proposition...

Category:Housing & Urban Development Law, Housing & Urban Development Law, Discrimination Constitutional Law

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