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The Tarot and Sex Magick by Sirius Rising

The Tarot and Sex Magick by Sirius Rising

The Tarot and Sex Magick by Sirius Rising
epub | 5.3 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B078TMV7QT | Author: Sirius Rising | Year: 2018


This easy-to-follow, step-by-step practical guide takes you from the first principles of Tarot reading through to a powerful and efficacious auto sex ritual based on Tarot cards. Much has been written about sex magic that needs a magically knowledgeable and willing partner to perform. In addition to the correct lover, a vast array of usually expensive and hard to find accoutrements and rare incenses was traditionally essential. Nowadays, in these hectic times we live in, even finding a physical soul mate whose busy schedule coincides with yours never mind a partner who will give over the sex/love act to a ritual magick purpose is difficult to say the least.In a sense, this is a 30 day initiation path that leads to the doors of practical Magick. Whether that be black or white Magick, the choice ultimately is yours alone.This work is suited to those magicians who are short on time and who needs to change some major aspects of their life. This manual will look at powerful and practical ways to prepare the magical self before performing magical rituals using the Tarot.Finally, the use of the Tarot to contact the dead to ask for advice is examined in this practical and easy to follow manual.Verified buyer 5 star review: "Very concise and to the point. Useful and easy to follow."

Category:New Age Divination with Tarot, Occult Occultism

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