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The Five-Self Kozak by Conan V Petrere

The Five-Self Kozak by Conan V  Petrere

The Five-Self Kozak by Conan V Petrere
epub | 1.08 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GS9YNCR | Author: Conan V. Petrere | Year: 2021


Hundreds of years in the future, humanity has spread across the Solar System. Nevertheless, back on Earth, old intercultural feuds persist. A young soldier faces a dilemma when the 'Five-Self' Empire he is employed by begins to administer nanite injections to their populace, and to persecute a Messianic Jewish minority group that has befriended him. Not only that, but his superiors order him to take part in the persecution. He is torn between loyalty to the Empire and his fellow soldiers, or the good people he has come to know. Weapons are drawn, orders given, and decisions must be made. Steady in development, the story picks up pace and tension as the internal and external conflicts come to a head.

Category:Christian Futuristic Fiction, Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy, Christian Science Fiction

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