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The Lost Theory by Michael Kelley

The Lost Theory by Michael Kelley

The Lost Theory by Michael Kelley
epub | 844.46 KB | English | Isbn:9781626348851 | Author: Michael Kelley | Year: 2021


Embark on a thrilling international quest to unlock the mysteries of the universe.
Sean McQueen is a staid, middle-aged NYU literature professor leading an uneventful life, until he receives a cryptic letter from his intellectually and poetically gifted best friend, Dylan Byrne. Following years of extensive research, Dylan claims that he has discovered "the theory of everything": a revelation that promises to alter man's view of existence by reconciling science with spirituality. The two men arrange a meeting to discuss the paradigm-shifting theory, but after Dylan never shows, Sean discovers his friend has died under mysterious circumstances and the theory has gone missing.
Sean teams up with Dylan's scientific collaborator, quantum cosmologist Emily Edens, to find the lost theory. Together they embark on the adventure of a lifetime-traveling from the busy streets of New York City to the mystical corners of Kathmandu where Dylan realized his...

Category:Magical Realism, Romantic Action & Adventure, Mystery Action Fiction

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