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Visitors by George Williams

Visitors by George Williams

Visitors by George Williams
epub | 615.26 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GTD5Y5W | Author: George Williams | Year: 2021


Ian Page knows nothing of the bizarre and sinister events taking place on the abandoned airbase - incidents so secret and revelatory, their very existence has been denied from the world for fifteen years.
But he is about to find out.
Penniless and desperate to impress the new love in his life, he accepts a contract that leaves him stranded and alone, working on the island base for three months.
He soon learns that nothing is what it seems, that dark forces haunt this island, forces so malignant, they soon push his sanity to breaking point.
On returning, he believes it's all behind him. But all that madness was a mere overture. Unknowingly, he has kicked the hornet's nest, and the moment his feet hit the ground, he is running for his life. He has stumbled upon a globe-spanning conspiracy and finds himself in the sights of a mysterious organisation known only as Manager, an organisation whose agents will stop at nothing to hunt down and execute their prey with extreme prejudice. But he refuses to lay down and die. After such a streak of mind bending experiences, Ian Page is no longer the easy target he once was...

Category:First Contact Science Fiction eBooks, Literature & Fiction

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