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Damnation Spring

Damnation Spring

Damnation Spring
epub | 4.28 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08LDWXNDW | Author: Ash Davidson | Year: 2021


An epic, immersive debut, Damnation Spring is the deeply human story of a Pacific Northwest logging town wrenched in two by a mystery that threatens to derail its way of life.
For generations, Rich Gundersen's family has chopped a livelihood out of the redwood forest along California's rugged coast. Now Rich and his wife, Colleen, are raising their own young son near Damnation Grove, a swath of ancient redwoods on which Rich's employer, Sanderson Timber Co., plans to make a killing. In 1977, with most of the forest cleared or protected, a grove like Damnation-and beyond it 24-7 Ridge-is a logger's dream.

It's dangerous work. Rich has already lived decades longer than his father, killed on the job. Rich wants better for his son, Chub, so when the opportunity arises to buy 24-7 Ridge-costing them all the savings they've squirreled away for their growing family-he grabs it, unbeknownst to Colleen. Because the reality is their family...

Category:Small Town & Rural Fiction, Small Town & Rural Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction

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