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My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open
epub | 3.01 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 979-8454136031 | Author: Tanya Goodin | Year: 2021


What are you willing to lose for a connected life? Digital detox expert Tanya Goodin explores the cost that our digital life inflicts on our offline existence, and offers a toolkit to anyone who has lost their way.
Whether you are dealing with a partner who is mindlessly scrolling rather than listening to you (phubbing), flooding social media with your child's image (sharenting), or panicking whenever you misplace your phone (nomophobia), learn how to recognise and label harmful habits- both of yourself and others - and find actionable answers in this book.
The collision of our online and offline worlds has left us more dependent on technology than ever before, and even more desperate to log off. My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open is your key to finding digital balance and addressing strange new social norms.
Complete with diagnostic guides to tell-tale signs and a manifesto for improved...

Category:Personal Finance, Education Theory

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