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The Art of Mathematics – Take Two - Tea Time in Cambridge

The Art of Mathematics – Take Two - Tea Time in Cambridge

pdf | 12.61 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B1V3C3PH | Author: Béla Bollobás | Year: 2022


Lovers of mathematics, young and old, professional and amateur, will enjoy this book. It is mathematics with fun: a collection of attractive problems that will delight and test readers. Many of the problems are drawn from the large number that have entertained and challenged students, guests and colleagues over the years during afternoon tea. The problems have their roots in many areas of mathematics. They vary greatly in difficulty: some are very easy, but most are far from trivial, and quite a few rather hard. Many provide substantial and surprising results that form the tip of an iceberg, providing an introduction to an important topic. To enjoy and appreciate the problems, readers should browse the book choosing one that looks particularly enticing, and think about it on and off for a while before resorting to the hint or the solution. Follow threads for an enjoyable and enriching journey through mathematics.

Category:Mathematics, Mathematics

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