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A Thread of Gold - Eliza Eveland

A Thread of Gold - Eliza Eveland

epub | 609.86 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B6GWKCT9 | Author: Eliza Eveland | Year: 2022


The most powerful elven mage in history.
A mage hunter with a hesitant heart.
Their forbidden love has the power to weave a new future.or unravel it.

Katyr Runecleaver has dedicated his life to pursuing greater freedom for all mages. That means opposing the harsh restrictions set in place by the Brotherhood of the Eight Divines, who believe magic is inherently dangerous and mages should be locked away in the College of Magi in Trinta. No one was more surprised than Katyr to develop feelings for a member of the Brotherhood.

But Sir Isaac O'Dea isn't like the other Brotherhood knights Katyr has met. He swore an oath to protect the mages of Brucia, not persecute them. Not all of Isaac's fellow knights share his beliefs, however. There have been whispers of an alliance between the Brotherhood and Brucia's rivals, rumors of a planned holy march against the city to enforce order.

In hopes of calming the rising tensions, Katyr and Isaac travel to Trinta to meet with the knight commander and first enchanter, and to plead for peace.

Unfortunately, Trinta is far less welcoming than either could've imagined. Katyr soon finds himself in the middle of a brewing civil war between mage factions and Isaac's pleas for peace have placed him at odds with the knight commander, who will do anything to keep the mages under his thumb.

With Katyr's powers spiraling out of control, and Isaac facing a grueling trial of his dedication to the order, the two must somehow find a way to calm the tensions in Trinta. But if Katyr and Isaac's budding romance is discovered, it could mean death for them both.

Can their love survive the ultimate test of faith? Or was their fate woven long ago?

A Thread of Gold is an M/M romance. Opposites attract in this sweet and spicy adult fantasy romance, so prepare yourself for a magically steamy read you'll want to finish in one day.

A full list of CW/TW is available on the author's website.

Category:Bisexual Romance, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance

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