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Claimed by a Disiac Warrior A - Tania Sharp

Claimed by a Disiac Warrior  A - Tania Sharp

epub | 246.04 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B8WCQ9NF | Author: Tania Sharp | Year: 2022


Can a Disiac alien warrior claim a determined female human before his race is annihilated?

Much to her father's disappointment, Tanya became an elementary school teacher to help improve children's lives. She couldn't follow in his footsteps and train to be a lawyer, even if she had a place in his exclusive law firm.

Tanya believes her actions inspire her pupils, so she agrees to dress up as a pirate to present her class's end-of-term performance. She was not expecting the outfit her colleague ordered to be outrageously kinky, though. Despite feeling self-conscious wearing a tightly-fitted and revealing costume in front of fellow male teachers, DILFs, and the attractive Principal, she's determined to push herself through this ordeal, especially as her parents will be in the audience.

Little does she know, Havark, a lean, muscular, and courageous Disiac alien warrior with a soothing, sexy voice, and a dangerously long alien peen, is about to abduct Tanya to Planet Disiac and change her life forever.

Havark knows about the delights of female humans after witnessing the love and passion between his brother, Mavark and Chloe. After watching Tanya with her pupils, Havark is confident in his choice. She has a positive and strong-willed personality, even though deep down she suffers thanks to her unappreciative and bitter father.

Time is not on Havark's side, though. Even after the Disiac brothers destroyed King Sloid, leader of the evil Noids, there is no knowing whether they will strike again.

Will Havark develop Tanya's inner fighting abilities and claim her before the Noids annihilate his race?

Will Tanya deal with the stimulating wonders of Planet Disiac and resist falling for Havark as he trains her to battle against his deadly enemy?

To find out what happens in Claimed by a Disiac Warrior, a steamy, hot and humorous Science Fiction Romance novel with a very HEA, click on the link above to download a sample.

Claimed by A Disiac Warrior is Book 2 in the Disiac Brother Series, and there is no major cliffhanger.

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