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Im Yours Balsam Falls Romance - Cleopatra Margot

Im Yours Balsam Falls Romance - Cleopatra Margot

epub | 484.29 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B3NCDHBS | Author: Cleopatra Margot | Year: 2022


Single mother Jenna Williams has learned two things in life so far: her kids are the most important part of it, and there's no reason to let the ebbs and flows of being a human determine her happiness. Her days are filled with wonderful things—being the best mother possible, working full-time, and finding just a little time each day to stroke a brush across a canvas. Life is good, so why open her heart to the chance of something, or someone, ruining that?

Balsam Falls Chief of Police Seth Johnson has seen too much in his life—both personally and professionally—to "put his heart out there" as his well-meaning little sister insists he needs to do. He has too much experience with his own father to consider being one himself. Which is why he finds himself torn between remaining unattached and bending his own rules when there are two curly-haired, innocent children who've wiggled their way into his heart, and their mother is the first woman he's felt more than friendship for in over a decade.

When the mayor proposes that Seth renovates a house with teens in need of sound role models, and Seth recruits Jenna as a female mentor, they're thrown into working closely. Something that wouldn't be a problem if they weren't both so unwilling to demolish their own inner walls. But as they spend summer days chipping away at a house previously left abandoned and unexpected memories, challenges, and connections are discovered, will Seth and Jenna determine love is the one thing that might be able to fix what's been broken?

Category:Contemporary Romance Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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