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Like Spun Moonlight Gay Mpreg - Anya Byrne

Like Spun Moonlight  Gay Mpreg - Anya Byrne

epub | 1.16 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B4PPVYXH | Author: Anya Byrne | Year: 2022


In a world where shape-shifters have become the dominant species, Julian Rowe is one of the few remaining pure-blooded humans. He is also a Bearer, a highly prized male valued for his ability to bear pure-blooded children and the member of a preeminent human family. But he hates his legacy, and he believes he can do so much more.

The son and heir of an important werewolf family, Roman Montblanc has no plans to interfere with the affairs of humans—until chance strikes, and he sets his eyes on a beautiful human with skin like spun moonlight and eyes the color of the greenest grass. His mate.

What will the meeting between these two men bring about? Can two star-crossed mates challenge the very fabric of their society or is their love destined to fade away?
This is a second edition of Like Spun Moonlight and has been revised and reedited. Grab this title for a steamy m/m with a Shakespearian flair and plenty of twists and turns! Romeo and Juliet has never been hotter.

Category:Magical Realism, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance

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