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War A Sci-fi Alien Invasion Ro - A G Wilde

War  A Sci-fi Alien Invasion Ro - A G  Wilde

epub | 352.38 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09NRPMRZ7 | Author: A.G. Wilde | Year: 2022


You think Earth is a safe haven?
You think the world couldn't end tomorrow?
Think again .
Our world is no longer our own.
It's been taken by beings we could never have imagined.
And we are weak.
Hunted .

They have divided us into groups: Harvesters, Gatherers, and Breeders.
I am but one of the dispensable.
My name is Adira Mosely
...and I am a Breeder.
Arrival is a full-length apocalyptic sci-fi alien invasion romance featuring a resourceful heroine and a badass alien hero who changes her world forever.
There are triggers in this story: graphic scenes involving violence and death, dark themes, and scenes of a sexual nature.
Contains forced proximity and aliens with interesting tools .
This book/series is not for the easily offended.

Category:Superhero Science Fiction, Superhero Fantasy eBooks, Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks

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