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Hells Bells A Dark College Bu - Calla Claire

Hells Bells  A Dark College Bu - Calla Claire

epub | 484.86 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09D96NTSY | Author: Calla Claire | Year: 2022


I vowed I'd never return to Ardmore Academy.
After all, this is the scene of the crime. The news called it a harmless prank, but there was nothing harmless about the glint in Emren Lyness' eye as he ruined my life.
Overnight, I went from a child star to an international laughing stock. It turned me into a meme, a source of mockery.
And it's all his fault.
Back then, Emren Lyness was a schoolyard bully. Today, he's turned bullying into a professional gig.
I thought I had enough bad luck for a lifetime, but I thought wrong: Emren's assigned to me, and there's nothing I can do about it.
I've spent a decade filled with spite and hatred so smoldering I could set him ablaze. But I never imagined, not in a million years, that our close proximity would billow flames of a different kind.
And now that I know his secret, I only have one question: Will we fight the fire, or let it burn?
I don't play; I obsess.
My daily routine unfolds with military precision– and if you knew why, you'd understand. I need strict order and discipline to carry the weight of the world.
Hard work is a foreign concept to someone like Harper Tate, but what happened 10 years ago served a much higher purpose.
I just should've remembered that no bad deed goes unpunished.
Because now I'm in charge of her... and to put it mildly, she's not a fan.
I'm her Nephilim, her hired purity guardian, and it's my job to ensure she meets her scholarship demands, whether she likes it or not.
But no one warned me about her sharp tongue. Or her beauty.
No one told me that I'd itch to put her over my knee for more than just discipline.
And as the weeks pass and a new threat looms, I have to wonder if I want her under my thumb... or if I just want her under me .
Hell's Bells is Book 2 in the Rogues to Riches series by Calla Claire. It's a steamy, new adult, college bully romance novel that features alpha males, bullies, bodyguards, feisty heroines, and an enemies-to-lovers dynamic. Each book can be read as a standalone.
HEA guaranteed... if you don't scream in the darkness.

Category:Erotic Mysteries, Erotic Thrillers, Action & Adventure Erotica

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