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Hexing on a Hunters Moon - Harmony Raines

Hexing on a Hunters Moon - Harmony Raines

epub | 663.55 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09XLMXZRD | Author: Harmony Raines | Year: 2022


Halloween is a couple of days away. Unfortunately, this year it coincides with the Hunter's Moon. But it's not vampires and werewolves the people of Wishing Moon Bay should fear.
It's the ghostly fae army that will rise when blood is spilled on their final resting place.

Has any other shifter mate had to wait this long for their true love to commit a relationship? Does Clancy know they are on a deadline?

With her baby growing bigger day by day Keely is beginning to wonder if she's going to raise their child alone. Clancy is wrestling for control of the Shadow Moon pack and having a witch for a mate is not helping. Especially when her sister is dating one of their sworn enemies.a vampire.

That might not be a problem for much longer. Merri is starting to wonder if Silas has already gotten over his undying love for her. Perhaps he'd been holding onto a dream of Merri before she left Wishing Moon Bay, got married and had children, and aged over twenty years.

For an immortal vampire who never ages, it might be a big deal. Or a constant reminder that she will grow old and die one day, leaving him alone.

However, these two witches are not going to let their romantic relationships stop them from moving on with their lives. They have a successful business that is growing faster than Keely's baby bump.

With Halloween only days away, they are busier than ever in their store, Sacred Scents.

But this Halloween promises to be different. And not in a good way.

The Hunter's Moon falls on the same night and when a prophecy is revealed, it seems that this might be one Halloween no one forgets.

Category:Occult Horror, Occult Fiction, Vampire Romances

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