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C++20 STL Cookbook - Leverage the latest features of the STL to solve real-world problems

C++20 STL Cookbook - Leverage the latest features of the STL to solve real-world problems

pdf | 2.74 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09TTD9NM3 | Author: Bill Weinman | Year: 2022


Proven techniques to improve the efficiency of your programs using the Standard Template Library (STL)

Key Features

  • Become familiar with the latest features of C++20 and write better code using the STL
  • Reduce the development time for your applications and enable faster deployment
  • Get up and running with the new and leaner STL capabilities introduced in the latest release

    Book Description
    Fast, efficient, and flexible, the C++ programming language has come a long way and is used in every area of the industry to solve many problems. The latest version C++20 will see programmers change the way they code as it brings a whole array of features enabling the quick deployment of applications. This book will get you up and running with using the STL in the best way possible.
    Beginning with new language features in C++20, this book will help you understand the language's mechanics and library features and offer insights into how they work. Unlike other books, the C++20 STL Cookbook takes an implementation-specific, problem-solution approach that will help you overcome hurdles quickly. You'll learn core STL concepts, such as containers, algorithms, utility classes, lambda expressions, iterators, and more, while working on real-world recipes. This book is a reference guide for using the C++ STL with its latest capabilities and exploring the cutting-edge features in functional programming and lambda expressions.
    By the end of the book C++20 book, you'll be able to leverage the latest C++ features and save time and effort while solving tasks elegantly using the STL.

    What you will learn

  • Understand the new language features and the problems they can solve
  • Implement generic features of the STL with practical examples
  • Understand standard support classes for concurrency and synchronization
  • Perform efficient memory management using the STL
  • Implement seamless formatting using std::format
  • Work with strings the STL way instead of handcrafting C-style code

    Who this book is for
    This book is for intermediate to advanced C++ programmers who want to get the most out of the Standard Template Library of C++20, the newest version of C++. Basic knowledge of coding and C++ concepts is necessary to get started with this book.

    Table of Contents

  • New C++20 Features
  • General STL Features
  • STL Containers
  • Compatible Iterators
  • Lambda Expressions
  • STL Algorithms
  • Strings, Streams, and Formatting
  • Utility Classes
  • Concurrency and Parallelism
  • Using the File System
  • A Few More Ideas

  • Category:C++ Programming, Object Oriented Design, Computer Systems Analysis & Design

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