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The Philokalia of the Holy Neptic Fathers

The Philokalia of the Holy Neptic Fathers

pdf | 3.66 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08SKJT9KK | Author: George Monastery | Year: 2021


The pocket edition is a selection of passages from the FULL text volume of the Philokalia 5 published by our monastery. The FULL text is available through Amazon and Kindle.

But now is an especially opportune time to say: Who can describe the sweetness of honey to those who have never tasted it? And as for what is incomparably greater: who can describe the divine pleasure and the supernatural and life-bestowing gladness that springs from pure and true prayer of the heart, which springs up everlastingly?

If you deprive yourself of prayer, it is like taking a fish out of water. For just as water is life for the fish, so is prayer for you. By means of prayer one flies through the air like a fish through water, ascends to the heavens, and draws near to God."

"What the foundation is to the house, prayer is to the soul. We must lay prayer first as a groundwork and base in the soul, and then zealously build thereon the virtue of temperance, and care for the poor, and all the laws of Christ."

The divinely wise St. Maximos says, "The measure of each person's faith is the cause of the distribution of divine goods. For inasmuch as we believe, we will act out our faith with commensurate zeal. Thus, he who does good deeds shows the measure of his faith in proportion to his deeds, and consequently receives a measure of grace to the extent that he has believed. Conversely, he who does not do good deeds shows the measure of his unbelief in proportion to his non-action, and so receives the deprivation of grace to the extent that he has not believed. Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to envy the accomplishments of another, since it is clearly up to him alone to choose to believe and act in such a manner as to receive the grace that is granted according to the measure of his faith." Let us then pray with all our souls that the rest of our lives, and especially the ends of our lives, be Christian, painless, without shame, peaceful, and that we may be granted a good defense before the awesome judgment seat of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ.

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