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Kumar S Electric Field and Potential 2022

Kumar S  Electric Field and Potential 2022

pdf | 17.7 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09RNDCY3Q | Author: Dr. Sanjay Kumar | Year: 2022


This text book is primarily intended for students who are preparing for the entrance tests of IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS/SAT and other esteemed colleges in same fields. This text is equally useful to the students preparing for their school exams. Main Features of the Book- 1. In this textual material even a trivial concept is substantialized in this way to make it lucid and easy to grasp. Every concept is given in student friendly language followed by a ladder of illustrations and checkpoint questions. The solutions of check point questions are provided with problem solving approach and discussion. 2. Special attention is given to tricky topics (like- Coulomb's law in a medium partially filled with a dielectric liquid, Vector form of Coulomb's Law, Distribution of charges on metal surfaces, Electric field from electric potential, Electric
potential from electric field, Image method etc..) so that student can easily solve them with fun. 3. At the end of the theory part, there are miscellaneous solved examples which involve the application of multiple concepts of this chapter. 4. To test the understanding level of students, multiple choice questions, conceptual questions, practice problems with previous years JEE Main and Advanced problems are provided at the end of the whole discussion. Number of dots indicates level of problem difficulty. Straightforward problems (basic level) are indicated by single dot (●), intermediate problems (JEE mains/NEET level) are indicated by double dots (●●), whereas challenging problems (advanced level) are indicated by three dots (●●●). Answer keys with hints and solutions are provided at the end of each chapter.

Category:Electromagnetism, Physics of Electricity, Electricity Principles

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