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SOFiSTiK 2020 SP 2020-4 Build 850 for AutoCAD 2020

SOFiSTiK 2020 SP 2020-4 Build 850 for AutoCAD 2020
SOFiSTiK 2020 SP 2020-4 Build 850 for AutoCAD 2020 | 294.0 mb
Construction software maker SOFiSTiK has launched a new version of its structural engineering software. This release added many new features and a completely re-designed user interface

- CTRL DESV +4 Option has been deactivated by accident. (171759)
- Eigen stress from creep and shrinkage for reinforcements was to high for NSTR analysis. (170638)
- The effect of the longitudinal reinforcements for the shear design of hollow sections has been to large. (169633)
- Sometimes the non existing material 134 was used for shear reinforcements. (171832,171841)
- Some values (eg. Az) of FEM cross sections were sometimes calculated inaccurately. (167192)
- Sometimes incorrect shear cuts were created when the cut hit an arc created by a tangent point (TP).
- Cable analysis with inner cable sagging extended on formfinding with GRP FACS > 1.0 (170338)
- Time step analysis storage extreme values with STEP-LCSM: corresponding values corrected in case usingLCST CONT. (171129)
- In global z variable quad temperature load (SOFILOAD QUAD DTYX DPZ) did not run - corrected. (171539)
- Punching foundation slabs: reduction of soil pressure due to supportforce of central node corrected. (171088)
- Fatigue concrete: with NSTR LC14 0 now the old 2018-check according EN 1992-1-1 6.8.7 (6.77) will be done. (171138)
- Fatigue reinforcement: accuracy improved, especially if a low stress range shall be reached. (171722)
- Punching force could be too high on design of earthquake superposition loadcases - corrected. (170805)
Other Issues
- Multi layer reinforcement design extended for tendons
Other Issues
- CSM Design: Maxima superposition extended for use of MAXIMA tracing TRAC.
- CSM Design: Maxima superposition for Result Sets RSET improved - can be switched off with CTRL RSET 0.
- All items that are intersected by a design section are now marked in the Sectional Intersection chapter of the output report file. A corresponding legend is also available.
- DECREATOR crash due to a reference of undefined cross section is fixed. (171126)
- Transformation of forces from a volume-element model to a Design Element, whose coordinates do not match that of the global, are corrected. (171706)
- The axis position of a design element, in case of eccentric beam elements having eccentric cross-sections, is corrected. This concerns only the visualization of design elements in Wingraf.
- Thicknesses of intersected orthotropic quad elements is corrected.
- Modal superposition: Support reactions from ASE eigenvalue analysis can now be considered for modal superposition (-> EXTR U); In this case, for existing line boundary elements, also related bedding reactions are computed.
- Search for initial solution with variable length of loading improved. (170558)
- Performance for brake loadings of LM71 enhanced. (171223)
- Problems with RSET and eliminated kinematic constraints resolved.
Other Issues
- Service pack release.
- SS EN1992-2004: Revision of the defaults with new version BFS 2019:1 EKS 11 (National Annexes Sweden for buildings), modification of the action combination according to equation 6.10a Revision of the defaults with new version TSFS 2018_57 (National Annexes Sweden for bridges) additional adaption of the values for Sweden in EN1993-2005 and EN 1994-2004
- Fixed problem in storing results on given X position of BEAM elements. (171834)
Other Issues
- Minor improvements of TRAC.
Result Viewer
- It is possible to display whether a reinforcement point is inside of a non effective area.
- Now there is a filter for stations at structural lines to get start and end.
- Table-Assistant: Lists with filtered extreme values of internal forces at structural lines can now be created according to various criteria.
- LM3 3600/200/200 had no spare distance. (171325)
- Tolerances for LINE loadings on small elements in large systems improved. (170902)
- Fixed issue when subdividing structural lines with an exlicitly given number of elements.
- Fixed issue in meshing structural areas with complex openings.
- Materials: Modified material definitions are always retained, even if values were subsequently changed in the dialog of the boxed value. In this case, the dialog of the boxed values brings a message. (171293)
Calculation of Concrete Columns
- Column: In the task "Column System" with multi-storey columns, a load at the start of the beam was sometimes not recognized correctly. (171831)
- Column: In the task "Column design", all columns of the main system were not found, which had a zero crossing between the column top and column bottom (Z=0 in the global coordinate system). (171222)
- The window "Search and Replace" did not appear correctly after repeated closing with the Close-X. (169879)
- It sometimes took a long time to read the required cross section data. (171830)
- Sometimes utilisation levels of beams were not displayed. (171127)
- The group number and cuts direction of QUAD cuts was not saved in database with command "Save DB cut". (171511)

SOFiSTiK is a finite element package that has been developed specially for the analysis of civil engineering structures. The primary objective of this manual is to explain the general workflow for different standard projects such as bridge design, building design, steel design, geotechnics, dynamics and fire design.
With a simplified User Interface, member-orientated design workflows, extended interfaces for collaboration and other features, SOFiSTiK | 2020 has been developed to support you with your daily work.
SOFiSTiK Bridge Modeler supports BIM in Bridge Design and Detailing. The application allows users to create parametrized 3D bridge models using alignment parameters and generic families in Autodesk Revit.

SOFiSTiK is Europe's leading software developer for analysis, design and detailing of building and infrastructure projects worldwide. Today, employing more than 70 people, we are one of the leading software developers for Finite Element Software in the construction industry, as well as for integrated detailing software based on Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit. SOFiSTiK's subsidiary and Authorized Training Center BiMOTiON provides training and consulting for all aspects of implementing BIM workflows.
Product: SOFiSTiK
Version: 2020 SP 2020-4 Build 850
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk AutoCAD 2020
Size: 294.0 mb

- SOFiCAD and SOFiPLUS 2020 require AutoCAD 2020.
- SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design requires Revit 2020.
- The Rhinoceros Interface requires Rhino 6.
- SOFiPLUS-X does not require AutoCAD.
- The databases (cdb) created by the FEA programs are not compatible with those of the full version and vice versa.
- Our products are tested and released for Windows 8.1 (64bit) and 10.

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