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Art After Loss, Using Art to Journey Through Grief

Art After Loss, Using Art to Journey Through Grief
Art After Loss, Using Art to Journey Through Grief | Size: 1.82 GB | Total files: 8 |

Art After Loss will take you on a journey using Art to process grief. After losing our baby boy at 25 weeks and almost dying myself, the grief was unimaginable. In this class I'll take you on my journey through grief and how I used art as a way to express my pain and to overcome fears. I'm not a therapist, just an artist who used creative expression as a way to explore emotions, to develop self-awareness, and to cope with stress.
You don't have to be a talented artist to join Art After Loss, all you need is the willingness to experiment. I'm here to help you release your inner artist.
Creating art will give you a chance to slow down and explore all the emotions that come with grief. The focus of this class will be on the process of creating with 5 different mediums, rather than the final product itself.
Benefits of Art After Loss:
*Self Discovery
*Self Esteem
*Emotional Release
*Stress & Anxiety Relief
Studies prove that creating art releases dopamine...which basically helps you feel happier. Which will help you deal with anxiety and depression.
The lessons are structured how I implemented them  in my own journey.
**Lesson 1 will focus on journaling
**Lesson 2 we'll explore collage journaling
**Lesson 3 brings in acrylic paints as a way of expressing your grief.
**Lesson 4 we'll get messy with chalk pastels as we venture outside.
**Lesson 5 will create field notebooks with watercolor and ink. Here I'll take you exploring to the Oregon Coast and then hiking in the mountains as we work through old fears.

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