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Physical Geology

Physical Geology

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What you'll learn
Explore Earth's Internal Structure.
Get to know our solar system, and the different bodies in it.
Explore Plate Tectonics, its driving forces, and how cool Geological features like mountains are built.
Learn about Fossils, Numerical and Relative Dating.
Learn what are Detrital, Chemical and Organic Sedimentary Rocks.
Understand the processes by which nature creates Coal.
Understand the factors that lead to Mechanical Weathering.
Understand the factors that lead to Chemical Weathering.
Grasp Metamorphism and factors leading to it.
Understand what is magma, how it originates, and how crystallization occurs.
Explore different kinds of Folds & Faults.
Comprehend the stages of rock deformation and what makes folding and faulting possible.
Learn why volcanoes erupt violently and what comes out out of them.
Learn the anatomy of a volcano.
Learn the different zones of a river.
Learn about minerals, their formation, and tools used in their identification.
Differentiate between Angular Unconformity, Disconformity, and Nonconformity
Learn about types of landslides and their triggers.
The student needs to know how to read.
Know the names of the elements in the periodic table.
What is this course about?
This course is THE ultimate course on Physical Geology out there. Physical Geology is the study of the materials of the Earth, the different Geological process that operate beneath and on the surface, and the history and development of our planet. Physical geology is a MUST 101 prerequisite for students majoring in Geology, Geophysics, Paleontology, Petroleum Engineering, or ANYONE interested in exploring Earth.
This course contains over 15 sections and 79 lectures, exploring all aspects of Physical Geology. The sections are:
Solar System
Geological Time
Inside Earth
Plate Tectonics
Deserts & Winds
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Igneous Rocks
Mass Wasting
Surface Water
How is the course structured?
The structure of the course is funnel shaped. It starts with the formation of the solar system, and the different bodies in it. Then it moves to explore Earth's structure, materials, and the different forces that act in and outside. Each section is concerned with exploring one particular aspect of Physical Geology, in several lectures. The lectures are packed with information, delivered through beautiful, and clear videos, making the learning process fun and exciting.
I'm a BIG believer in visual learning and I have made sure to pack the lectures with pictures that explain the concepts. Even if you don't have the luxury to go outside and see an anticline for example, you still have the chance to see a picture and recognize it when you see it in real life.
How do I learn better?
There are quizzes after each section so you can test your knowledge and see how much of the material you have learned. I suggest you go through each lesson several times to better understand the contents, and be able to connect it with the rest of the materials in the course.
Who this course is for:
This course is a MUST 101 prerequisite for those majoring in Geology, Geophysics, Paleontology, or Petroleum Engineering.
Anyone interested in exploring and understating the Earth.

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