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Kindle Publishing Secrets - Start Earning Passive Income Now

What you'll learn
Create a Kindle EBook Business That Will Bring $500 - $5000 Per Month in Passive Income
Learn How to Become an Amazon Kindle Bestseller in Different Amazon Categories
Go through all videos, and do all of the exercises.
Students should Sign up for an Amazon Kindle Sellers Account (Free)
It is suggested for students to make a list of different topics where they have expertise, so they can turn it into an eBook.
It is also suggested for students to write a list of topics they are interested in producing a book about.
Students will do well to set aside 2 - 5 hours a week to work on producing their Bestselling Kindle Ebook.
Students will also benefit from going through the Amazon Bestseller List to get an idea of the different hot topics in the market today.
If you're looking for a passive income stream that can provide you with an extra $500 - $5000 a month, with little work involved - there is no greater way than the humongous opportunity you'll find on Amazon Kindle.
This course provides you with a simple step-by-step system that will help you easily create Kindle eBooks, that thousands of readers will eagerly buy. You will even learn how to become a Kindle bestseller in as little as 90 days.
So, in this course you will learn how to:
Pick the Hottest EBook Topics that Attract Tons of Buyers
How to Emotionally Compel Customers to Buy Your Ebook
How to Make Sure Your Kindle Ebook Will Sell
Passively Produce Your EBook With Very Little Writing
Design a Kindle EBook that Your Readers Will Love
Price Your EBook for Maximum Sales.
How to Get Tons of Great Reviews for Your EBook.
How to Promote Your EBook with Little Effort
Become a Kindle Ebook Bestseller in as Little as 90 Days
And much, much more...
So, if you are looking for a simple way of generating passive income with little effort, this course will show you how. It will teach you how to Master the system that will allow you generate $500 - $5000 by creating great EBooks readers love - but with very little writing.
Sign up today, and start making Money on Kindle!
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Section 1: How to Make Money Passively Selling Kindle EBooks - Introduction

Lecture 1 Kindle Selling Secrets - Overview

Section 2: Finding The Bestselling EBook Topics that Sell

Lecture 2 How to Find Hot eBook Topics People Really Love

Lecture 3 Finding Hot Topics Through the Amazon Bestseller List - Example

Lecture 4 Finding Hot Topics Through Amazon EBook Categories - Example 2

Section 3: Making Sure Your EBook Will Sell

Lecture 5 Create an Emotionally Compelling Title and Ebook Cover

Lecture 6 Testing Your EBook Before you Do Any Writing

Lecture 7 How to Test and Validate Your Ebook with Amazon Advantage

Lecture 8 Testing Your Cover and Title Using Amazon Advantage - Step by Step Process

Section 4: Producing An EBook That People Will Love to Read

Lecture 9 Producing Your EBook With Very Little Writing

Lecture 10 Designing an EBook People Love

Lecture 11 Effectively Uploading Your EBook to Kindle for Maximum Results

Section 5: Keys to Becoming an Amazon Kindle Bestseller

Lecture 12 How to Price Your Ebook for Maximum Sales

Lecture 13 How to Get a Ton of Great Reviews for Your Kindle Ebook

Lecture 14 Promote Your Kindle EBook the Easy Way

Lecture 15 How to Quickly Become a Kindle EBook Bestseller

Section 6: Expanding Your Kindle EBook Selling Business

Lecture 16 Improve Your EBook and Improve Your Sales

Lecture 17 How to Grow Your Kindle Ebook Business and Grow Your Income

Section 7: Recap, Rewards and Resources

Lecture 18 Conclusion

Lecture 19 Rewards and Resources

Lecture 20 Kindle Book Promotion Resources

Lecture 21 Important Updates to Kindle Royalty Policy as of July 1st, 2015

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